Bringing World-Class Innovation To Sarasota

Hawthorne Clinic, located in Sarasota Florida is a rare combination of specialty practices integrated not only with each other but with the research component, Quorum Innovations. There has been much promised regarding the future of medicine’s ability to move from generalized to individually-specific treatments. The physicians contribute their scientific and research skills to Quorum Innovations not only in basic research, but also in the application of the lab results to select patients who seek resolution to problems not fully resolved with traditional medical interventions.

Hawthorne Clininc - 2068 Hawthorne Street, Sarasota FL
Hawthorne Clinic and Research Center - 2068 Hawthorne Street, Sarasota FL

Our founding physicians, Dr. Nicholas Monsul, and Dr. Eva Berkes, have meticulously crafted this multi-specialty medical group in Sarasota, Florida beginning with their Oculofacial Plastic, Allergy, dermatology, Mohs surgery services, and pathology services. This will soon grow with additional specialties. Contrary to the many of loosely-affiliated multi-specialty groups today, Hawthorne Clinic is tightly integrated using a single appointments and records system. Physician collaboration on your care at Hawthorne is not a result of a regulatory mandate, but rather striving to achieve the ideal practice of medicine that provides consistent, quality, and innovative patient care.

Hawthorne Clinic can be reached at, (941) 953-5050. We are located across from Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

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