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Allergy FAQ's

  • Am I allergic to insects/venoms?
  • Can a person be cured of an allergy?
  • Can I take my shots home and give them to myself or can my friend/spouse give me the injections?
  • Causes of Nasal Allergies and How to Control Them
  • Common Allegies: Mold
  • Common Allergies: Animals
  • Common Allergies: Food
  • Common Allergies: House-Dust Mites
  • Common Allergies: Insect Venom
  • Common Allergies: Latex
  • Common Allergies: Pollen
  • Cross Reactive Foods
  • Does stress affect allergies?
  • How long after taking allergy shots will I notice improvements?
  • How long does allergy testing take?
  • How many shots will I have to take?
  • I am allergic to pollens and some foods. What are the chances that my child will also have allergies?
  • I took shots years ago and they didn’t help me so I quit. Would it be different this time?
  • What do I do if I have a reaction?
  • What does a pollen count mean?
  • What else can help ease my allergy symptoms?
  • What is anaphylaxis shock?


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