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Lifts & Eyelid Surgery

  • Do I need to check into the hospital for brow lift or eyelid surgery?
  • What is recovery like for brow lift and eyelid surgery?
  • Does insurance pay for brow lifts or eyelid surgery?

Face Lift Surgery

  • Why do patients get mid-face lift surgery?
  • Why do patients get "mini" or "short scar" facelift surgery?
  • Why does the mid face and lower face droop with the passage of time?
  • Aging causes both loss of volume and drooping of the cheeks and lower face. Do I need volume added to the face with injections or surgery to correct the drooping soft tissue?
  • How long is recovery for mid face lift surgery?
  • How long is recovery for a lower facelift surgery?
  • Does lower facelift surgery require general anesthesia in a hospital?
  • When are the stitches removed after facelift surgery?
  • Does mini facelift surgery affect my hairline?
  • Is it possible to get a facelift without having surgery?
  • What causes some people to get a bad result from a facelift?
  • Who benefits from neck lift versus a mini facelift?
  • Can facelift surgery be done at the same time as eyelid surgery or forehead lift surgery?
  • Are their risks associated with facelift surgery?


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