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Orbital/Facial Tumors

The orbit is that cone-shaped, boney space located on either side of the nose that surrounds and protects the eye and delicate muscles, nerves, and fat that are present behind the eye. Many problems can occur in this area as a result of genetic, inflammatory, infectious, traumatic, and aging issues. A number of different tumors can occur here as well.

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Facial Skin Cancer

The face and eyelids are very common locations for skin cancer. Many times skin cancers may appear as benign growths. Other times they can develop cancerous characteristics over a relatively short time. Potential warning signs are new growths with elevated, irregular boarders, coloration, indentation, or ulceration. If skin cancer forms along the edge of the eyelid it often causes the eyelashes to fall out.

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Facial reconstructive surgery

Our world-class reputation for eye-care is matched by an equally impressive reputation for plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face and delicate tissues around the eye. The Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery services at Hawthorne Clinic offers up-to-date diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eyelids and orbit, including trauma, tumors, thyroid eye disease (Graves disease), as well as cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery and treatment for disorders of the tear drainage system.

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Facial Trauma and fractures

Oculofacial plastic surgeons are uniquely trained to address alterations of the normal anatomy of the face, orbit, and eyelid caused by trauma and other accidents. Each accident is unique and each requires a customized approach to rehabilitation. The doctors of Hawthorne Clinic are the regional experts on repair of all eyelid abnormalities and all abnormalities of the eye socket and midface caused by trauma.

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